Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Massage Special

Massage that Moves your Spirit.

Here in Los Angeles, we are offering a special deal this month to keep you balanced and keep your spirit moving and in charge. Book a full hour massage during the month of November for only $50. If you begin your massage journey this month, you can also lock in the rate of $50 for the entire year of 2010.

Simply send an email to with phone number, time preference and date, and we will call to confirm your appointment. In the meantime, read on to understand why it is so important to take care of bodies during this season.

They call the season from October to February Flu Season. But it isn't about calculated sickness. It is about the changes that take place in our bodies. Starting with October and Halloween, we overdose on toxic sugars that leave our bodies fatigued, defenseless, and full of acidic waste prime for viral attacks. The month of November is a wonderful time of family, friends, and holidays, but is also a source of great stress. Some of us have unwanted visitors, we stress about purchasing gifts for the holidays to come, we worry about how dinner will turn out. We also over stuff ourselves and cause undue stress and toxic ailments within our bodies. December brings even more than November, and we end it all by partying too hard for News Years. This isn't flu season, it is weaken your bodies' immune systems and leave yourself defenseless season. Flu viruses move around everyday. But when we are better able to defend ourselves against them, the viral infections don't thrive.

Now more than ever is the time to think about taking care of our bodies, staying in tune with the spirit, and destressing and detoxifying our lives from the outside in, and inside out. At Erama we want to remind you to leave the stress behind. Get back to what holidays are really about, being with people you love. Don't stress over money, visitors, bills, or issues that are merely circumstantial. Remember that life is only 10% what happens to you, but 90% how you react to it. React with patience, knowing that everything will turn out more than fine. We want to remind you to eat healthy foods. Eat as many raw vegetables as possible and avoid foods high in sugar, dairy, oil, and processed ingredients. We tend to hibernate in the winter, and work out in the spring in preparation for summer. At Erama, we want to remind you to take time to dance, play with your children or nieces and nephews, or anyone young in your life.
Drink alkaline water and balance your body. Invest in your body by stretching, going to a yoga class, or just simply sitting down and concentrating on your breath. Remember that oxygen is the source of life and we have an unlimited supply.

With Love, Patience, and Gratitude,

Tyus & The Erama Family

PS- Please feel free to forward this blog to everyone you know will benefit from its content. Blessings.

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