Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everybody is talking about "this economy" and why we need to start changing our careers, working for ourselves, or working in more stable professions like plumbing. We will always need plumbers, crack and all. Because of "this economy," entrepreneurs seem to be coming out of the wood works, claiming a niche in the world of fiddle sticks and doodads, and trying to make a living, albeit it honest or not. Funny enough, a lot of these entrepreneurs are much happier slaving on their own time, in their PJ's, with their toddlers, friends, family, and gadgets near and dear. Funny enough, once again, it is fear that has moved us to embrace our independence and desire to work for ourselves.


We do things because we are afraid of what will happen if we don't. We constantly second guess our decisions and intuition because we are afraid of the what ifs. We consistently let our circumstances dictate our goals, passions, and emotions. I am not immune to fear. I work in a stable profession (college professor), and I enjoy teaching very much, but something is missing in my life. I keep finding myself wanting to solder this, saw that, glue this, paint that. I start pulling interesting items out of alley trashcans that I can reuse in the name of art. I start buying jewelry supplies whenever I can in the name of sales. I start painting my jeans, and turning old saggy pieces into fresh new jewelry designs. People comment, give me gusto. I keep going. Next thing you know, I create an etsy account. It starts with only a few pieces, a couple of sales. It grows. Four shows and 100's of sales later, I decide this is what I want to do. But fear follows me into my visualizations. Fear finds its way into my path. Every few days I start looking for work just in case. I check my accounts just in case. I give thought to quitting my job, but fear strikes again. What if I can't make my mortgage payment? What if my family starves? What if everyone just stops buying my products? Besides, collegiate teaching is something I do well. It is something that my students benefit from me doing. It is something I am "remotely" passionate about. Why quit? I'm good at it.

Just because we are good at something doesn't mean we have to do it. Jut because we enjoy something doesn't mean it should be our profession. Just because our economy is in a recession, doesn't mean run to the hills and make for yourself. It isn't about the "what ifs". It is about the "what is." Is isn't abo
ut fear, it is about happiness. It isn't about layoffs, stock options, pink slip parties, or money. It is about the love, joy, pleasure, and comfort of being surrounded by the ones you care about doing something you are extremely passionate about. It isn't about remote, it about extreme.

Gone are the days of fear; here are the days of passion, love, and care. Answer the following questions:
If you had all of the things you need, what would you be doing right now? If you were to die tomorrow, how would you spend today? What are you doing right now?
Do you even know what you need?

What are your answers? How do the first two answers compare to how you are living your life right now? Take a moment to reflect. This is a time of great shifts in consciousness. Grab on to your own reigns and take yourself where you have always wanted to go. If your answers don't match up, then ask yourself why. If money is what's stopping you, then you have no imagination. If materials items and tangible un-necessities fill your list, you've been dooped. Let's get back to the simple days. I don't need my blackberry. I don't need Jimmy Choos. We need food, water, love, shelter, safety, and peace. Clothing and shoes optional depending on climate and laws. Don't be afraid to trust and jump. Don't b afraid to write your own path, make your own rules, decide what life looks like for you. Maybe then, we can answer all three questions in unison. I relinquish my fear, one day at a time, one hair tie at a time, one sale at a time, one happy customer at a time. It is a process, but I know the end will be well worth the journey.


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You're on the right path. =)