Monday, October 6, 2008


So that hairstyle I flaunt is called Sisterlocks. I get asked about my hair a lot. What is it? is it permanent? Can I wash it? What color is that? How do you get them? I get asked all types of questions. Here is a bunch of FAQ about sisterlocks and why I love them.

Sisterlocks is a technique of locking the hair with a natural tool. The hair is literally tied into itself, much like braiding backwards from the tips to the roots. It can be done on all types of hair (permed, color treated, etc), but works best with kinky and curly hair.

I had sisterlocks for over 6 years. When I got pregnant, I cut them off and started over. I wanted a fresh start. The slideshow depicts my hair changes from sisterlocks the first time around, to short hair, to sisterlocks again, to red sisterlocks.

I absolutely love my hair! Wouldn't change it for the world again! I welcome any questions you may have!

In the meantime, if you have sisterlocks, or thick hair, or curly hair that is difficult to fit into standard hair ties, I have a solution! ERAMA Hair Ties!

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